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Residence Tuscany

Enclosed in parkland of 7,000 square metres, Villa la Cappella stands on the historic Hill of Aliano, just outside the town of Montespertoli, and from which you can see the extraordinary towers of San Gimignano.

During the 12th century a small chapel, built in the grounds of the fortified Villa of Aliano, was used by the then owners for their devotions and religious ceremonies. With the passage of time, a house was built close to the Chapel and was used for many years by the Manager of the Villa.

In 1821, the house reached the proportions we see today, and was used during the 1900's as a "casa rurale" housing three families while the building adjacent to the Villa was used as a rural school until the 1970's.

At the beginning of 1988, the Tinalli family, having previously acquired the property, restored the buildings, transforming them with passion and, choosing with great care elegant furnishings and using colours appropriate to the age and heritage of the house, they have created the wonderful hotel we see today.

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