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    Montespertoli, where our Villa is located, is right in the center of Tuscany. In this album you will find the main tourist destinations, some famous, others to be discovered, including medieval villages, Renaissance citadels but also enchanting hills and breathtaking landscapes.
    We are truly lucky to live in one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.
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at 30km from our Villa
It is difficult to summarize in 2 lines all the beauty and wonder you will find in Florence. For many, without mincing words, Florence is the most beautiful city in Italy. And objectively there are so many points in its favor: walking aimlessly through the streets of the historic centre, you can in fact admire art and culture at every corner, from Renaissance palaces to elegant nineteenth-century residences, not to mention the almost infinite quantity of churches, museums and sculptures.


at 20 km from our Villa


at 74 km from our Villa
San Gimignano

San Gimignano

at 29 km from our Villa


at 33 km from our Villa
At ten minutes from Greve, the second pearl of Chianti absolutely worth visiting is Panzano in Chianti, the ideal stop to breathe the air of the tranquility of the hill and visit a medieval village where time seems to have stopped and from which to capture evocative images.
Exactly halfway between Siena and Florence, Panzano is in all respects the heart of Chianti. A small village where less than 1000 people live but where the whole world passes by, to explore the area, yes, but also to eat "dal Cecchini", the famous "Fiorentina steak" poet.


at 53 km from our Villa
The historic center of Siena is a true jewel, so much so that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is delimited by a medieval wall, still perfectly preserved, which follows the outline of the three hills on which the city was built. And it is at this precise point that the magic of Siena is released, when Piazza del Campo appears before the visitor's eyes: the magnificent, unmistakable and inimitable square where the famous Palio is held every year.


at 32 km from our Villa
San Miniato is one of the most important small cities in our area. A noble city and former castle, then illustrious land and seat of imperial vicars, it extends along the ridge of a hill and is described as the "city of the Emperors", since over the centuries they went there: Frederick Barbarossa in 1178 and 1185, Henry IV in 1184, 1186 and 1194, Otto IV in 1209, Frederick II in 1226 and Napoleon Bonaparte in 1797.


at 100 km from our Villa
In the south of Tuscany, there is Val d'Orcia, included in the World Heritage List in 2004.
It is no coincidence that one of the most photographed points is where the famous cypress trees of the Val d'Orcia are located, near San Quirico d'Orcia.
In the Siena of the Val d'Orcia the Crete Senesi also stand out, the clay hills eroded by time that form the characteristic gullies and the biancane, bare and harsh, low rounded reliefs with an indisputable and almost lunar charm. Its typical medieval Tuscan villages such as Pienza, Montalcino, Castiglione d'Orcia and San Quirico d'Orcia are perfect destinations for diving into the soul of the place, also savoring its well-known food and wine specialties.


at 16 km from our Villa
Certaldo is one of the most fascinating villages in the Val d'Elsa, another area with splendid rural landscapes between Siena and Florence. The village is divided into an upper part with its castle, which corresponds to the historic centre, and a more recent lower part. The historic nucleus is enclosed within a wall with three entrance doors. Certaldo is known for being the birthplace of Giovanni Boccaccio, one of the fathers of Italian literature. The birthplace of the Certaldese, as the well-known writer is called, is still present and has been converted into a museum.


at 72 km from our Villa
The top attractions of Livorno are linked to the sea: panoramic points, beaches, the Aquarium... However, Livorno also has an interesting cultural heritage between history and art; it is Modigliani's hometown.
It also has a very dynamic city life. Not to be missed in the summer is the famous “Effetto Venezia” Festival. The Venice effect is being amazed through the eyes of a child and getting lost among the one hundred and more shows that animate the historic district of the city, among canals and boats, among lights and tables set face to face with moored boats and ancient walls at shadow of the Old Fortress which acts as a "guardian" of the neighborhood.


at 75 km from our Villa
Lucca is very close to Pisa and its historic center is a jewel enclosed within a perfectly preserved Renaissance city wall that can be explored on foot or by bicycle. The tour of the walls is just the beginning of a rewarding exploration: numerous surprises await you, such as a square with no access roads, a garden on top of a tower and the birthplace of one of the most famous Italian composers.


at 108 km from our Villa
Forte dei Marmi is one of the most exclusive seaside resorts in Italy. Located between Cinquale and Marina di Pietrasanta on the Versilia coast, it represents a highly sought-after destination for lovers of luxury, shopping and exclusive services. It stands out thanks to the architectural elegance of the public buildings, the centre, the hotels, the villas with swimming pools and the bathing establishments equipped with every comfort and the VIPs. Italians and foreigners.
The experience of a day on the beach with the white marble mountains behind you is truly unique.


at 52 km from our Villa
In the heart of the Pisan countryside, but also very close to the borders with the provinces of Siena and Livorno, lies the splendid Volterra. This town of 10 thousand inhabitants was one of the main city-states of ancient Etruria, very powerful in the Middle Ages and with a historic center of Etruscan origin. Today, Volterra is a very renowned tourist destination, an unmissable stop for those who choose to visit Tuscany, thanks above all to the beauty of its historic center, but also for its centuries-old tradition in the extraction and processing of alabaster, with which the skilled hands of the city's artisans churn out truly beautiful objects. Finally, Volterra has achieved international fame in recent years as it was one of the settings of the successful Twilight saga: the author Stephenie Meyer has in fact made Volterra the city of residence of the Volturi, a powerful clan of vampires. Some of the scenes of the TV series I Medici were also filmed in Volterra, during the second and third seasons. -


at 30 km from our Villa
In the heart of the Sienese countryside lies the splendid village of Monteriggioni, a truly enchanting and unique place in the world. Located on the top of a hill and surrounded by a circle of perfectly preserved circular walls, Monteriggioni is one of the places not to be missed during a tour of Tuscany.
Visiting Monteriggioni you will find yourself immersed in a typically medieval atmosphere, so much so that several films have also been filmed here. Furthermore, every year in July the medieval festival is held, where in the streets and squares of the historic village people celebrate and recall past centuries with costumed dances, shows and various types of initiatives.


at 100 km from our Villa


at 29 km from our Villa
A short distance from our Villa, there is a place that everyone will have mentioned or heard of sooner or later in life. It is Vinci, a municipality of around 15 thousand inhabitants, known for being the place where Leonardo da Vinci was born and spent his childhood. The museum dedicated to Leonardo is simply wonderful.

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  • How wonderful it is. A place next to paradise. The beautiful rooms, the pretty garden & the amazing view. And the host, Paola with her daughter are so kind, so friendly, so attentive.  Giovanna the cook is a real "Master of Cooking".  Everything was so delicious. Thank you for everything. We'll come back!   - Germany -
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  • Grazie mille per tutto! We had a very nice stay at your beautiful house. Amiamo la bella vista e le camere bellissime! Cari Saluti e speriamo a presto. Svizzera
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  • We had an absolute great stay, and that was especially because of you; Paola, Anthony, Marissa & Jess! We definitely will come back. Thank you so much. Amsterdam
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  • Dear Paola, Anthony & Jess, we cannot thank you enough for your wonderful hospitality. It's been a slice of heaven that we desperately needed. UK
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  • We knew it would be beautiful but not this spectacular. We knew the owners who care for this piece of history would end as friends. The amazing location and history is truly impressive and welcoming. Thank you for sharing your love of this treasure and the peace of its surroundings. We hope to see you in the future and would welcome you at our home in California.  T.   USA
  • Dear Paola & Anthony, thank you for creating a heaven that is truly magical.  We have never been so sad to leave a place.  Everything here is done with love and that radiates from beginning to end. You truly did create the "Today sounds so much better than someday" From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!  Canada
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  • When my husband and I planned a trip to Tuscany, we weren't exactly expecting a relaxing vacation. After all, our toddler was coming too.

    We boarded our flight from Calgary to Rome with eyes wide open (literally, we have not slept in days), with little anticipation of any chance to truly unwind. However, we had not reckoned on the soothing power of our destination, Villa La Cappella, a place that enfolds you in the comforting hug of a nonna who then proceeds to stuff you with heaping bowl after heaping bowl of delectable homemade pasta....

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  • Grazie mille per l'ospitalità e la simpatia! Complimenti.
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  • It was such a fantastic stay. Couldn't have expected a better experience. The rating and photos on Google and other websites are an understatement. The owners and staff are genuinely nice people who love what they do and wish all of their guests have the best experience possible. Definitely going to be back next time for longer.
    Such a fantastic stay.
  • Dear Paola, Anthony & Jess, we cannot thank you enough for your wonderful hospitality. It's been a slice of heaven that we desperately needed.

    - UK -

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  • Thank you very much for our wonderful stay. Your meals were stunning.  - South Africa -
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  • We arrived at Villa La Cappella on the 12th day of our 20 day adventure in Italy. We came after 4 very busy days to this peaceful, joyful villa.  We were mesmerized, the beauty of the birds' songs, the aroma from the kitchen of delicious food and the views that left us breathless.  Somehow we had been transported to a dream!! We felt both privileged to be here and at home here, embraced by the magic of the villa & its people. Elenor Roosevelt once said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Paola & Marissa, I'm so thrilled for you both, I can see that you are dreaming big everyday.   Canada
    Somehow we had been transported to a dream!!
  • The first thing you need to do when you arrive at the steps of Villa La Cappella is take a deep breath and know you are going to experience a stay full of beauty, tranquility and tradition. You instantly feel a part of the family, the rooms each have a unique charm, and their chef is an absolute delight, concocting delicious meal after delicious meal steeped in the local flavours.

    The villa is nestled in an unbelievably gorgeous part of Tuscany, with rolling hills and ancient castles and vineyards galore. The serenity of morning cappuccino on the rear patio with the birds and wildlife awakening and the views of hot air balloons in the distance is something I will never forget.

    Cheers to Paola and family for this incredible venture and cannot wait to see you all again!  Sandra

    A stay full of beauty, tranquility and tradition
  • Thank you Paola for making us feel at home! Lovely stay, terrific food & great company! Hoping to return! - USA -
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