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Our story

Welcome to Villa La Cappella

We are a family run country Villa located in the hills of Montespertoli surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

Our story begins as children of Italian immigrants who made their way to Canada in search of a better life. Although Anthony and I were born in Canada, our upbringing took place in a very traditional Italian household. Fresh pasta and sugo di carne was made every Sunday. In late August tomatoes were hand picked and turned into sauce. Then in the fall, the winemaking would occur filling the house with the aroma of mosto and of course it was time for homemade salame, sopressata and salsicce.

It only took a few trips to Italy for both of us to know that someday we would retire in this beautiful country. For more than 25 years we visited Italy every summer and as early as 2003 we began our search for a small place on a hill where we could retire and run a little B&B.

During Covid, while we were all tucked away in our homes, we stumbled upon a villa that was for sale in a town we knew and in the geographical area we wanted. While it was definitely bigger than we had planned, we knew immediately that it was “the one”. We took a leap of faith and purchased our villa sight unseen.

The villa is much bigger than the small place we had imagined and we are not yet retired but this is part of our new adventure.

Anthony works remotely and spends his time between Toronto and Tuscany, our daughter Jessica also works remotely in Ottawa and Tuscany, while Marissa and I live here in Tuscany and run the daily operations of our Villa. Our beautiful dogs Myla and Emma have become an integral part of our team and head up the guest relations department.

We invite you to come visit us here in Tuscany and let us help you explore this special part of the world.

See you soon!
Paola, Anthony, Marissa, Jessica
Myla & Emma

Something about us
  • When my husband and I planned a trip to Tuscany, we weren't exactly expecting a relaxing vacation. After all, our toddler was coming too.

    We boarded our flight from Calgary to Rome with eyes wide open (literally, we have not slept in days), with little anticipation of any chance to truly unwind. However, we had not reckoned on the soothing power of our destination, Villa La Cappella, a place that enfolds you in the comforting hug of a nonna who then proceeds to stuff you with heaping bowl after heaping bowl of delectable homemade pasta....

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    The Globe and Mail
  • The first thing you need to do when you arrive at the steps of Villa La Cappella is take a deep breath and know you are going to experience a stay full of beauty, tranquility and tradition. You instantly feel a part of the family, the rooms each have a unique charm, and their chef is an absolute delight, concocting delicious meal after delicious meal steeped in the local flavours.

    The villa is nestled in an unbelievably gorgeous part of Tuscany, with rolling hills and ancient castles and vineyards galore. The serenity of morning cappuccino on the rear patio with the birds and wildlife awakening and the views of hot air balloons in the distance is something I will never forget.

    Cheers to Paola and family for this incredible venture and cannot wait to see you all again!



For info: Paola (+39) 351 3062300

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